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Understand behaviour, and get quality Insights direct from consumers. Always fresh, on-point, representative data.

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As Entrepreneurs ourselves we understand that when you are creating new products, services and features, a good insightful conversation with your target market can be helpful, so we created enfocus.

Select the target audience you wish to research, using our highly targeted consumer behaviour data, any niche is reachable.

Design a dynamic research, that adapts to your target consumers experiences or expectations, and achieve deep level of understanding.

Using our proprietary algorithms, you always get census representative results... or maybe you can choose to ask a Millennial only group. You are in control.

Enfocus, delivers instant results, not a single line of code needed.

How it Works?

Deploying your research to thousands of different highly targeted people used to be time consuming and expensive, until now.


Target your ideal sample consumers and create a dynamic conversation, based on your research and business objetives.


Enfocus MEMA algorithm randomly selects a representative sample of users that opt-in, and help charities by participating.


Actionable insights are instantly gathered directly from consumers, providing fresh and relevant data unique to your research.

1 Research

Qualitative insights delivered in real time

The power of mobile audiences is at your hands, so the real question is... what are you going to ask?

Consumer Expectations x Experiences

Measure prospect expectations and cross results with experiences of converting consumers, get insights for every step of the consumer journey improve effectiveness of all your touch-points.


Understand corporate climate at different levels of your organisation, or kick-start your innovation team getting insights from different departments, de-siloing information.

PR & Advertising

What does Gen Z think of you brand? Plan better campaigns fueled by enfocus insights and improve ROAS.

Media & Content creators

Understand why your audience is following your content at qualitative level, develop insights communities and follow-on with continued studies.

2 Audience

Users opt-in and help curated charities by participating in Research

This and other non-direct incentives such as community and data access are making enfocus the top sample provider for the best research companies.

3 Results

Instant and easy to read reporting to help you make the right decisions, based on fresh data.

Our simple yet powerful solutions are in constant improvement, our goal is to deliver the most actionable insights and tools, from basic A/B testing to Propensity Score Matching techniques.


Students & Entrepreneurs

Start with a free account and access simple research that will help you validate concepts and prototypes.

Startups & SMBs

Starting at USD $60 a month access to our complete research suite and pay-as-you-go.


Custom solutions and Consulting services for your specific needs. Contact Us.

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